Friday, March 2, 2012

February 27, 2012

I have been moved to a new room with a real live roommate (no more ghost presences.) I have not met her yet but she is very organized. Our door proudly wears the “I-got-all-A’s-on-the-cleaning-inspections-this-week” flag. I’m not sure if I can keep up with her tidiness. She has her own toilet brush, her own trashcan, and all the light switches are labeled. This is my side of the room right when I moved in:

This was her side:

No worries, since then I have managed to fit all of my belongings into the small dressers provided.

On Saturday I went “cartoon model shopping” with my host sister.

Have you guys heard of the TV show One Piece? She is thoroughly obsessed. The name of their internet is One Piece. Yeah. We met up with two of her friends, Echo and Wang at the store. Wang loves basketball, the NBA, and WOW.

Echo was very friendly, switching from Chinese to English and back to Chinese while talking to me. She lived in Boston and Virginia for a while.
Look at this GIANT FRUIT NINJA!!!!!!!

So cool.

While we were leaving the store we saw people ice skating so we jumped on the ice with them. Unfortunately we did not find anyone renting skates so we settled for using shoes.

For lunch we ate Cantonese fish. At the beginning of our meal we were eating boiled leafy greens when a waiter brought over a bag. Inside was a live fish feebly flopping. We inspected our freshly bagged lunch. Fifteen minutes later the fish was transferred from plastic grocery bag to a simmering box pot heated from beneath. Camouflaged beneath a syrup of spices including garlic, scallions, red peppers, sesame seeds, onions, and salt, cooked our white-fleshed fish.

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  1. Garlic, scallions, peppers, sesame... It sounds good. What did you think of the taste?
    What kind of fish was it? (If you don't know, that's an interesting question to ask, good for your Chinese, good for developing your piscine culinary knowledge generally).

  2. That's quite the depth of field on the cartoon model shot. Was that taken with your 50mm 1.4 prime?

  3. I like the video! The whole food spread looks absolutely delicious.