Friday, March 9, 2012

March 5, 2012

A condensed summary of lunchtime with commentary on the food.
Everyday, spoonfuls of a sagging green vegetable, everyday white sticky rice. Mostly Korean food with the occasional American side dish throw in, examples include French fries, or like today, succulent cole slaw. The cole slaw was seriously delicious, thinly sliced cabbage and tomato rounds coated in streaky, sweet mayonnaise. The food is served buffet style. All the international students line up to receive our cold metal trays, we then progress to the spread of food, then to a “salad bar” with kimchi, individually-packaged seedful clementines, kumquats, cucumber wedges, and sautéed peanuts. Personal favorite dishes include pears, cabbage in a thin brown sauce, and diamond bread with spicy spices.

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  1. Fantastic food descriptions, Sofi! Miss you!