Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012 continued

Back at school Sage, Orion and I went on a quest to sell our last eight America Day tickets. America Day is a celebration Sage (with help from many) is planning. The backstory is that we want to eat lots and lots of American style food but we don’t have the funds to pay for it all, so we are having an event where people pay to eat American food, and then we get to eat it as well! Very clever, I know. The party will have pizza (including a pumpkin and sweet-potato pizza), cake, apple pie, brownies, subway sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, a photo booth, self made twister and pin the features on the face (at one point we were considering pin the flag or microphone on Bruce Springsteen but we decided that was a little far fetched for all the Chinese and Korean kids attending.)

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