Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 4, 2012

I ate a burrito!!!!!!!!!!! It was hidden down a black, back-alley, over a greased and slick road, through a labyrinth of pirated movie shops, and up a narrow-stepped flight of stairs, but it was wonderful; slathered in cheese (real cheese!) and bathed in guacamole and sour cream (two dairy products in one meal!).

Admittedly it was not a heavenly masterpiece from Mountain West, or even a quickly crafted delight from Beto’s, but it was a burrito none the less.

On Saturday my host sister and I saw “War Horse.” We viewed it in a cinema that nearly puts the mammoth screen at Thanksgiving Point to shame. The auditorium was the size of a small stadium, with plush headrests, and assigned seats.

For dinner the whole host family and I went to hot pot. It was quite different than the Four Seasons Hot Pot: everyone had their own special pot placed in a deep impression in the table with a burner beneath, the contents were not buffet style but ordered before hand, and every person was provided a bowl filled with brown sesame sauce that served as the cooling spot for cooked bits of tofu skin, or thin strips of fish, or wilted stalks of vegetables.

Today we traversed through Beijing to the Silk Market. Among my few purchases I acquired these!:

They make me feel like I am walking in summer.

Over the weekend my friend went to an aquarium. She brought back footage of mermaids! Below is a short mermaid movie just for you: