Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27, 2012

My deductive reasoning skills are developing at a rate possibly faster than that of my language skills. I think this is a trick deeply engrained in the human psyche, a survival skill finely honed and kept in the recesses of the human brain ready to be whipped out in a swim or sink situation. Although I would not say that I am near death I am constantly confused. Thankfully my body-language-reading skills and my inference-collecting talent is growing everyday. Today my dorm mom came in loudly exclaiming and pointing at our air conditioning, I finally deduced that I had left it on in the morning and that she was telling me I had to make sure and turn it off. A couple weeks ago I would have just appeased her with a couple well-placed nods and “hao, hao”’s, but today I probably understood. Of course she could have been saying something completely different and I by chance responded correctly.

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