Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 18, 2012

Just had breakfast with my host family. Chao fan, mian bao (with peanut butter, jelly and nutella (I think they are specially catering to American tastes)) milk and orange juice. Fanny was still in bed, but the mom and dad tried to teach me how to properly use chopsticks, which ended with fumbling and stabbing my gums.

Later. We went to the Summer Palace! The weather was cold and the palace and lake were beautiful.

At one point I thought my host mother had called my host father retarded, then I realized she had just told me he was going to the toilet.

We met my host sister then went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.

The sushi tasted so good and familiar, like the sushi from the restaurant near the REI in Salt Lake.

Favorite question of the day (in Chinese of course): "You eat fruit, don’t eat meat, right?" "Yes." "Do you eat garlic?"


  1. What did you to learn about using chopsticks? I'm interested to know, as I learned to use them, in part, from following you. - (Stir) Ling-ling

  2. That wide-angle view of the Summer Palace is very very nice, and brings back memories of the next time I'm going to visit there. Thanks!
    - (Stir) Ling-Ling

  3. Excellent photography skills here too...I am not brave enough yet for Sushi, but I could probably do PB, nutella and jelly and be okay. :) Keep posting, we are following you here in Oregon!! Love ya!!

  4. I love the picture of you and having an opportunity to follow what you are doing on your grand adventure. Thanks for sharing.