Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 13, 2012

Just took my first Chinese test (using Cael’s pen of course.) It was awful! (The test not the pen.) All the instructions were in Chinese, so I think my teachers will either be completely dismayed or very entertained by my answers.

View from my window:

Lunch was surprisingly decent.

It included eggplant, rice, egg-tomato mix, a clementine, a green vegetable who’s name I cannot remember at the moment, and a thick pasta noodle in sauce that I didn’t actually eat. Contrary to my previous belief I will not starve here. I visited the soccer field today (pictures in a later post.) My Beijing Opera classroom had beautiful walls!

Went grocery shopping and look what I found:

CHEESE LOBSTER CHIPS! (I took the photo in a mirror.)

Also, check out these awesome and nifty bike hand warmers!

Look at these two delicious (and pink) snacks! The bottle on the right is blushing peach Fanta, and the bottle on the left is rose gum. Both are quite delicious.

I played soccer for the first time! The air definitely affects me. The 24 hours after running were spattered with coughing and inner pains in my back.

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  1. your house looks like some version of a overly industrialized nightmare world gone mad. we miss you!