Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 17, 2012

First afternoon with my host family. My sister is incredibly quiet, an amazing artist, and likes Johnny Depp. This afternoon we ate dinner and then studied past 9:30. Tomorrow I think (there might be a translation flaw here) that we are going to a park, but the daughter (Fanny is her English name) has too much homework so she cannot come with us. After dinner the mother kept asking me if I could eat different things. “Ni keyi he niu nai ma? (“Can you drink milk?”) “Wo keyi” then with fruit, then with bread. “Wo keyi” “Wo keyi” “Wo keyi.” I think they are a bit flabbergasted that I don’t eat meat. For dinner we ate mi fan (of course), bean sprouts, bitter melon (chicken removed) cabbage in broth, and peanut-chicken mixture. While I was studying the mom brought me sliced and peeled oranges, then later beheaded strawberries! Pretty fancy. Only after I had eaten all but one strawberry did I realize that they were wet and had probably been washed in faucet water, so I will either get disgustingly sick or build up my immunity to China water. The apartment is very nice with lots of artwork hanging around. I have my own bedroom with night-sky-and-bat curtains.

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