Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22, 2012

Today I went to church! Elizabeth and Fred Crook picked me up in a taxi and we navigated the 45(ish) minutes to a fat, tall, green-glass plated building. Church was held on the fourth floor. The fifth floor was a weight lifting gym, so Sunday school was staccato-ed by the crashing of dropped weights. There were so many babies and young children running around! I haven’t seen many young people or old people for a while, mostly just people in between. After church we went with a very nice Australian couple to a Tex-Mex restaurant.

I have been reading some very remarkable books lately, and I would recommend “The Scholar of Moab” to you all.

Azaa, my Mongolian friend, is convinced that there are ghosts that live in the dorm room. Late at night on the weekends she hears knocking on her 6th story window. Other girls say they also hearing knocking late at night.

I told her we would do a ghost banishing spell with Gregorian chants and candlelight. I think that freaked her out enough, and she would rather have the ghosts than my makeshift witch coven.


  1. Yeah, the ice cream looks delish. I love a good ghost story/witch spell! So fun!!

  2. How is the Tex-Mex in China? We haven't found good Mexican food in NZ.