Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 20, 2012

During art class, Sage and I learned how to paint in a more Chinese fashion. Our art teacher (featured in the picture below) kept repeating the artistic equivalent of “go with the flow.” On the right is the painting created by our art teacher, on the left is Sage’s and my creation. Our teacher was happily confused by the elephant I added.

Dad and I had an excellent trip to visit Bao in Nanjing. We dined on fine cuisine prepared by Bao’s parents, including Peking duck burritos, egg and tomato mix, and coconut milk. We traveled to several historically significant spots, one of which was a tomb where nobody knows where the body was actually buried because the body (before it was deceased) wanted to prevent tomb robbers. We also explored the Nanjing Massacre museum, which resembled the Holocaust Museum in D.C. in general layout and how information was portrayed.

Stirling and Bao walking through a canopy of trees:

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  1. Hi Sofi!
    I really liked how you added the Elephant.
    Hope you are having a fun time.