Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 15, 2012

 (Zhao Yulong) effortlessly springs into the air, freezes with leg and fist extended in an angular attack as if gravity is a force he chooses to obey on occasion, then silently alights back on the ground.  is our Shaolin Kungfu teacher for the day. During our two-hour lessons he coaches us through stretches, self-defense, jumps, and eventually flying kicks. He was very patient and applauded our often disastrous attempts to imitate his perfectly poised motions.

For lunch we ate authentic Greek food! Feta cheese, yogurt with dill, hummus and pita.

After lunch,we took a bus to the Science and Technology Museum. The bus stop was lined by a thick median strip filled with deep purple lilacs. The Science and Technology Museum was very interesting, filled with interactive exhibits. Abby and I wandered through a warped-mirror labyrinth, played a game akin to quidditch with a Minnie Mouse patterned beach ball and an ancient air shooter, and swung on a pendulum bench. One of my favorite areas was called “The Room for Color.” Inside, blue, green, red, and white lights alternated illuminating a normal living room. Each light greatly changed the hue of every object. Abby’s red shoes flashed from orange to black to deep blue.

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